Prevention / Vaccination of cats

Vaccination of cats

Against which diseases can be cats vaccinated?

"Triple Combination" - RCP
Basic vaccination of cats. This vaccine should be vaccinated to every cat.
C - calicivirus - a viral disease of cats causing a so-called cat rhinitis, usually together with herpesvirus. Affected cats suffer from upper respiratory tract inflammation, inflammation of the eyes, some forms of the virus can cause painful ulcers in the oral cavity, paws, and joints are rarely affected. The virus is unstable and it often mutates, so vaccine protection is not 100%, but it alleviates clinical signs. In the United States, the lethal form of a disease caused by mutant calicivirus has spread, in the Czech Republic there has been recorded a death of 7 cats. Furthermore, calicivirus is considered to be one of the causes of feline chronic stomatitis - gum inflammation. In this case, the inalienable immune response of an individual to the presence of calicivir appears to play the largest role.
P - Panleukopenia - a viral disease affecting mainly kittens. It is manifested by profuse diarrhea, dehydration, vomiting, blood loss through and the disappearance of white blood cells. In addition to the risk of death from dehydration, the kitten may be attacked by bacteria with which a damaged immune system can not fight. Often, this disease can be found in breedings with a high concentration of animals and in poor hygienic conditions.
R - rhinotracheitis - the cause is herpesvirus. Together with calicivirus, it is the cause of cat rhinitis, and can cause eye problems - so called herpesvirus keratitis. In pregnant cats herpesvirus can cause abortion, in newborn kittens the disease may cause death.

We recommend vaccination against rabies in cats only in when the cat travels abroad where the vaccination is mandatory. If you do not plan any foreign journeys with your cat, we do not recommend rabies vaccination for the following reasons:
1, Rabies is currently not present on the territory of the Czech Republic. The last confirmed case was in 2005 in the bat, in 2002 for the fox. Risk regions are border regions with Poland and Slovakia.
2, Cat is not the primary host of the virus, therefore it is more resistant to infection than canine.
3 In rare cases, after rabies vaccination, post-vaccination sarcoma can occur at the injection site in cats. It is a very malignant skin tumor.

FeLV - cat leukemia
Leukemia is one of the infectious viral diseases affecting the immune system of cats. The disease has chronic character. The cat may die due to a secondary infection or other disease while simultaneously weakening the organism with the virus. Prior to vaccination against FeLV, a serological test for the presence of antibodies against the virus in the blood of the cat must be performed. If a cat was already inoculated with the virus, the vaccine used could speed up the disease and the cat could die. After prior testing, it is highly recommended to vaccinate the cat, especially in outdoor cats, but the vaccine is relatively expensive.

Chlamydias are specific bacterias causing upper airway inflammation of cats and conjunctivitis. Because of the risk of transmission to humans, we recommend vaccinating against chlamydia. Chlamydia is included in the same vaccine dose as leukemia and triple combination RCP.

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