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Where to get a pet in Brno

Are you an expat living in Brno and have decided to get a pet? Here we bring you some useful advices how to do it. You have several options, but we recommend you to choose one of these two:

1. On very first place we reccomend you to adopt an animal in need. The biggest advantage of adoption is that you can choose an animal you really like. You can test it´s behaving and manners, as it is usually grown up animal. You also know immidiately the character of the animal - if it is cheerfull and easy going or stressed all the time, active or lazy, likes children or not... You cannot really recognize these characteristics exactly if you buy a little puppy or kitten. You will also get the best feeling that you have done really good thing - there is one sad, abandonded animal less! Adopted animals are the most grateful animals you can get. We can confirm that based on our personal experience.

For adoption from official shelters ( they require pernament residency in Czech Republic. If you have that, I can help you with the process of adoption, if needed.

If you do not have pernament residency, than you have to search at some unofficial deposits - here are some tips:

And many other facebook groups, it usually includes "k adopci" - for adoption, or "v nouzi" - in need in the name of the group. 
If you are searching for a specific breed, e.g. german shepherd, you can try to find on facebook the name of the breed in czech - which is "německý ovčák" and you add "v nouzi" - in need -> "německý ovčák v nouzi" and usually you find a facebook group that searches new homes for abandoned german shepherds. 

If you need translation, use google translator. If you really like some dog and you would like to adopt, prepare some letter about you, who you are, what are your experiences with animals and why do you want to adopt - and send it together with the adoption request.

2. If you have chosen some specific dog or cat breed for you and you would like to buy a pure breed puppy or kitten, we recommend to do it in a proper way, as Czech Republic is full of awful shady dealings with puppies. NEVER BUY A PUPPY OR A KITTEN THROUGH AN ANONYMOUS ADVERTISEMENT ON THE INTERNET. Always search for verified breeder!

A breeder, that can be trusted, always offer you a puppy or kitten with the Pass of Origin (family tree) and invites you for a visit to see the parents and  the siblings of the puppy, and also the environment where they live. NEVER BUY A PURE BREED PUPPY OR KITTEN WITHOUT PASS OF ORIGIN AND SEEING AT LEAST THE MOTHER OF THE PUPPY OR KITTEN. Even if you do not intend to participate in dog shows with your dog, always insist on the Pass of Origin, as it is kind of warranty for you that you are buying healthy animal from a person that keen on his animals, not only on his or her money.

This is the same for other pets like rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas and rats - do NOT buy these species from pet shops. There are serious breeders who give you Pass of Origin as well as the warranty that you are buying not only healthy animal, but also an animal that is used to manipulation and cuddling since the very young age.

Again, if you need any help with getting (purchasing) the right pet for you, please do not hesitate and contact us via email or Facebook, we will be happy to help you. 

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