Provided in accordance with Regulation (EU) No 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council (the GDPR Regulation)
Veterinary Clinic ANIMED, MVDr. Jitka Pfeifrová, ID No. 02955415 (hereinafter referred to as "clinic" or "provider" or "administrator") hereby, in accordance with the provisions of Articles 12 and 13 of the GDPR Regulation to its customers - whose personal data are protected in the sense and manner of the Regulation, provides the following information, communications and instructions.

1 / PERSONAL DATA MANAGER / MVDr. Jitka Pfeifrová, registered office at Blatnická 9, 628 00 Brno, ID No. 02955415. If the customer has a question regarding the processing of personal data, it is also possible to contact us via email

2 / PURPOSE AND RANGE OF PROCESSING / In the veterinary clinic, the personal data of the customers are processed in the following cases: we need personal data to fulfill a contract for providing veterinary care - to communicate effectively with the customer in the provision of veterinary care and to inform him about, for example, the animal's condition, the results of the examination, etc., we usually need the customer's telephone number and e-mail address; If we provide veterinary care, we consider the owner of the animal to be our customer and we keep all information on the course of the provision of veterinary care in our records, as these data are absolutely necessary in the case of any veterinary care provided by us to the given animal in the future. the processing of personal data is directly enforced by us - because we are obliged to keep the documentation on the provided veterinary care, including also the identification of the owner of the treated animal, our name, surname and residence are processed by us; because the law requires us to transmit personal data about the petpas customer, the data about the breeder for whom we are petpas is processed and handed over to the Chamber of Veterinary Surgeons of the Czech Republic; because the law requires us to properly account and record the veterinary services, we process the data necessary to meet the requirements of accounting and tax documents, etc .;
the customer agrees with the processing - if the customer agrees to us, other personal data may also be processed - the customer's consent is always informed and specific about the purpose, scope and timing of the processing of personal data, the customer has the right to revoke it at any time. Personal data is processed by us to the extent that it is provided to us by the customer. We may always refuse to provide personal information that we require from Customer. However, in the case of such data that we are required to provide, we can not provide the related service in such a case. 

3 / CUSTOMIZATION OF PERSONAL DATA / If the Veterinary Clinic processes the customer's personal data on his / her consent, the Provider is entitled to require the customer to confirm the consent in writing. Provided the Customer provides such consent to the Provider, it may at any time, in any form and without any sanction, withdraw it. Revocation of consent is without prejudice to the provider's authority to continuously process such personally identifiable information for the purposes for which the Provider is otherwise responsible for lawful processing. For the provision of veterinary services alone, consent to the processing of personal data is not necessary, providing the customer's consent to the processing of his or her personal data does not require the provision of veterinary care services.

4 / STORAGE OF PERSONAL DATA / Personal data of the customer shall be kept by the provider for as long as is necessary and to the extent strictly necessary for the purpose of processing, ie for the duration of the contractual relationship between the provider and the customer and subsequently for the period which the provider is obliged to keep the data according to generally binding legal regulations, always to the extent necessary to fulfill the obligations of the provider. In addition, the Provider is entitled to store Customer's personal data to the extent necessary for the purpose of protecting and / or enforcing any rights and claims of the Provider arising from a contractual relationship between the Provider and the Customer, until the limitation of any claims under the relevant provisions of the Civil Code . 

5 / CUSTOMERS AND RECEIVERS OF PERSONAL DATA / Personal data of the customer may be provided to third parties providing professional veterinary, accounting, legal or IT services to the Provider in order to ensure proper fulfillment of the obligations of the Clinic established by generally binding legal regulations or in the interest and / or protection claims and rights of the provider towards the customer. Prior to the transfer of personal data to a third party, a written contract governing the processing of personal data is always provided by the provider with the person concerned, which contains the relevant guarantees for the processing of personal data. Personal data may be made available to other entities as well, but only if they are trusted by a legitimate reason for access to such personal data (eg law enforcement authorities, other law enforcement authorities).

6 / CUSTOMER'S RIGHTS / Customer has the right to require the Provider to access or repair or erase personal data, or to restrict processing, and to object to processing, under the terms and conditions set forth in the GDPR Regulation, has the right to transfer the data to another Administrator; within the meaning of Articles 15 to 21 of the GDPR Regulation. The Customer also has the right to be immediately informed of any breach of security of personal data that may result in a high risk to the rights and freedoms of individuals. The Customer also has the right to file a complaint with the Personal Data Protection Authority (or other data protection authority, if it is established) if it considers that the Provider in the processing of personal data (including any processing of applications customers) is in breach of the Regulation. Information on the measures taken at customer's request under Articles 15 to 22 of the Regulation will be provided to the customer without undue delay, no later than 1 month after receipt of the request. No automated decision making or profiling within the meaning of Article 22 (1) and (4) of the Regulation will occur when processing the customer's personal data.

This statement is publicly accessible on the administrator's website.

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